KEEDA JADI Himalayan medical herb (one of the most costliest medicine in the world)

In Himalayan region we found many medical herbs which we can’t find anywhere in the world. There is such a medical herb popularly known as Keeda jadi in india, yarsha gumba or yarcha gumba in Nepal, Yartsagunbu in Tibet and caterpillar fungus at all over the world. Ophiocordyceps sinensis or Cordyceps sinensis is it’s scientific name.

keeda jadi si basically a fungus which grows as a parasite on the larvae of a particular kind of caterpillar, the fungus evolves in the living larva which kills and mummifies the larva and then develop as a stalk-like fruiting figure. Caterpillar takes 5 years to grows under alpine grass and shrub lands. it is mainly found in the meadows above 3,500 meters (11,483 feet) in the Himalayan region. We can find it after may and july when the ice starts melting. It is found in the Himalayan region of Garhwal, Kumaon and Himachal Pradesh in India. is is also found in Nepal ,Tibet,China and Bhutan.

keeda jadi origin is found as a parasitic fungus which penetrates the caterpillar of the swift moth found underground and bursts out of it.The simple mixed morphology of the Himalayan fungus  head riding above the caterpillar body earns its natural name as cordyceps(keeda jadi). Keeda jadi is good source of income for many villagers.

It is also known as Himalayan Viagra because it is very useful for male sexual energy booster and impotent. It is used as natural steroids. It is very useful and there is no side affect to body as compared to other steroids.It is used for the treatment of cancer, gastrointestinal tract disorders, indigestion, gastric acid re flux, and chronic diarrhea.

Besides this it is used in Ayurveda medicine in the form of yarsagumba and mandala an edible powder supplement for acute digestive problems. According to Ayurveda is also useful for breathing problems and increase your immunity.

It is supposed to be never in limelight and there should be no increase in its demand. But it happened at Stuttgart world championship in 1500 mt, 3000 mt and 10,000 mt by record breaking performances of Chinese women. After that there Chinese trainer spoke to the media that we were giving them Yartsagunbu continuously to increase there stamina and that’s work in there favor. It is sold as 30 lakh/kg. And we can say it that is is one of most costliest medicine in the world.

According to the report there is a decline of around 30% in it’s production in last 15 year. International nature conservation organisation puts into (red list) due to continuously decline.Nowadays it is in danger because of the continuously climate change and human interruption in the nature.So now the state government are in talks to keep it alive and protected.

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